Wendy’s Simple A.M. To P.M. Skincare Routine

There is a charm in finding a natural process that feels right to you. I find a lot of comfort in rituals and routines, I’ve probably said this countless times already. (Because it’s actually true!)

With the recent influx of new skincare brands and products, it seems harder to commit to a great routine when we’re constantly inundated with the latest and greatest formulas. It’s important to focus your products on treating your biggest skin concerns, and making sure you can layer those products.

There are certain ingredients that should never be mixed for a multitude of reasons. Pay attention to the ingredients you are layering. You should be cautious of any skin irritation, increased sensitivity, dryness and breakouts. These are usually signs that your ingredient mix isn’t correct.

Here’s how I created my A.M. to P.M. skincare routine.

I take care of my skin as part of self-care and wellness routines. I quite enjoy my habits. I’ve been suffering from a little maskne, and my combo skin has leaned toward dry these past few months. My preference is for lightweight formulas, and I am a huge fan of the effects of peptides.


  • Cleanse
  • Tone
  • SPF

I use the word ‘cleanse’ very loosely in the morning. Sometimes I’ll just splash some water on my face and pat dry, or even just a cleansing wipe so I can actually feel refreshed. I’ve also been known to skip this step altogether and just go for toner.

Always use SPF! A multi-beneficial moisturizer with SPF in the formula is great if you want to cut some steps out of the equation. If it’s a day that calls for makeup, then I’ll use a primer with SPF as well. I really like to keep my A.M. routine as simple as possible. I’m not a morning person, and I like to jump straight into my day.

My A.M. Favorites:



  • Cleanse
  • Exfoliate
  • Mask or Peel
  • Oil
  • Serum
  • Spot Treatment
  • Moisturizer

My p.m. routine is where I put in the real work, aka all of the other products in my arsenal. I like to shower in the evenings to help me unwind. I’ll cleanse and exfoliate in the shower, or use a chemical exfoliator when I get out of the shower. If it’s an extra-dry day, I like to use facial oil prior to my serum for an extra kick of hydration. I like to dab a spot treatment on any unruly bumps, or sometimes use a pimple patch on any whiteheads. Finally, I moisturize with my preferred cream formula; it sits on my skin longer, almost creating a hydrating barrier before my head hits the pillow.

My PM Favorites:


Featured + main image by Kate Ann for our brush cleansing guide.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.