What The Team At GG Is Cleaning Out Of Their Lives

This summer should be about renewal. There’s a swift change in the air; the perfect time to cultivate new habits. Change is necessary for growth, so our team at Glitter Guide took some time to reflect on the things that they are trying to clean out of their lives, and let go of for a better year and life.

Wendy Vazquez (me!), the Editorial Assistant, on what I’m letting go of:

Lingering in the past: The pandemic taught me more than anything that life keeps moving forward, no matter what. I’ve been working on letting go of the past, and not holding on to little disagreements. I always try to think back on the bigger picture of things, and how I want to move forward rather than racking my mind around all of the ‘what ifs.’

Overspending: OK…I love stuff. Especially pretty, shiny things. During the pandemic, I found solace in opening boxes of things that I forgot I had even ordered. It was filling an unhealthy void, and I knew that I needed to start getting serious about budgeting and saving for my future. I am trying to find more happiness in moments rather than physical things.

Ignoring my physical health: I am famous for not working out, and refusing any kind of physical activity. It’s cute in your 20s, but I’m turning 30 this year, which has brought a lot of change to light for me. Something I’m committed to changing for good is my overall health and wellbeing. Now, I’m off to try and make it through my 30-minute rowing machine routine.

Samantha Welker, our Business Manager, on what she’s letting go of:

Fair-weathered friends: Like a lot of people, the pandemic really made me re-evaluate my friendships. There was something about being unable to see people except on social media that was pretty eye-opening to the friendships I was willing to put the effort into post-pandemic. A lot of different values came to light that changed some relationships, and some friendships just naturally fell to the wayside once the convenience factor was removed. But it also showed me the relationships that matter most to me and I’m looking forward to putting more energy into those valuable friendships.

Social media pressure: I’ve completely thrown in the towel when it comes to playing “Instagram games.” It’s an algorithm, you guys. It can’t be beat or “hacked.” Post what you want to post and stop trying so hard to beat a system that you can’t beat. IG used to be fun and about sharing and creating, now it’s about numbers and metrics. I’m super over it and it makes me not even want to be on the platform anymore. So I’m cutting out the pressure for social media and just going back to enjoying it for myself, in smaller doses.

Complacency: It’s far too easy to be complacent from a place of privilege. This past year has been one of anger, fear and heartbreak watching all the media coverage of racial and social issues across the country. As a white woman, it’s not something I’ve ever encountered personally, but that makes it all too easy to pretend it isn’t happening. In addition to educating myself, I’m making it a point to get out of my bubble, have difficult conversations and stay actively engaged with a number of grassroots organizations.

Nicole Altavilla, our Copy Editor, on what she’s letting go of:

Clutter: My home is not at all messy, but recently, I’ve been very motivated to clean out all the junk drawers and storage spots that have accumulated stacks of papers and other items. It’s unbelievable how much stuff can be thrown away if you go into the decluttering task with the right mindset that less is more. I’ve even managed to drastically reduce the amount of clothes and shoes in my closet, which is a great feeling!

A Busy Lifestyle: Pre-pandemic, it felt like every weekend was jam-packed with social gatherings, sporting practice and games, and family obligations. The pandemic allowed us to slow down a lot, and while I’m happy life seems to be getting back to a more normal routine these days, I will miss the time I spent at home with just my husband and two children without any place to go except our own home and backyard. Perhaps it’s time to rethink how I spend my weekends from now on.
Featured + main image from our interview with Tola Akinbiyi
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Author: Wendy Vazquez

Wendy is the Editorial Assistant here at the Glitter Guide. She has a background in PR and marketing, but her true passion is editorial. She enjoys all things beauty and lifestyle.