What Your Birth Chart Can Teach You

When we think about astrology, most of us initially think of our Sun signs (your sign based on your birth date). I’m not exactly an astrology pro, but my curiosity has often led me to hours of research on different houses, planets, alignments and the roles they’ve played in both tumultuous and splendid moments in my life.

As an introverted Virgo, one of the biggest qualms we face is our ability to naturally contradict ourselves. I’m anti-social, but I love communication and developing relationships. I’m a nurturer at heart, but am very selective (borderline stingy) with expressing myself. I can often be critical, but I’m very open-minded. Yes, it’s kind of dizzying.

So, I looked to my birth chart to help me understand my best and worst traits in order to find comfort in my hot-and-cold characteristic. I don’t necessarily believe that astrology is the answer to everything, but you have to admit that the fact that you can look to the stars for insight is pretty damn cool.

It can be a tool to help guide you when you can’t seem to get out of your own head, or simply a positive way to approach your day, month or year. Astrology can be fun, but intimidating considering there are so many aspects to reading charts. Here’s what you need to know.

Your Natal Chart

The internet has made so many great things possible, including the simple generation of your own birth chart. No need to sit at your desk for hours, trying to figure out how to plot your planets in houses. A quick Google search will give you access to your natal chart in just a few clicks. For the most accurate reading, you will need your birth date and exact time, as well as location.

Cafe Astrology has a free generator available so you can quickly print your own chart. I keep mine in a notebook, but there are also some great apps out there that can keep track of your natal chart as well. I like to use the Co-Star app since they provide daily horoscopes and readings based on your natal chart. It lives on my phone so I can access it whenever the mood strikes.

Your birth chart provides you with an astronomical glimpse of your planetary coordinates at the time of your birth. You can use your map to interpret your different astrological elements to help you get clarity on various subjects in your life. I’ve used mine to learn more about my characteristics and certain behaviors. Keep in mind, astrology should be an enjoyable experience!

There are so many different things that you can learn from your natal chart.


This is the most important aspect of your birth chart; learning about yourself! We often use our Sun signs to define ourselves astrologically, but there is so much more to us. Your birth chart will allow you to take a deep dive into the various traits that help make you you. Specifically, you’ll want to look at your north and south nodes for more on your growth, experiences, qualities and energy.


Apparently, the average person changes careers seven times in their entire life. Creatives have an especially hard time figuring out their career paths because the options out there can seem very boxed-in. If you’re looking for a little guidance, your birth chart can definitely provide some much-needed clarity and illuminate your path. It can help you map out your ideal work environment and outline your strongest interests.

Strengths and Weaknesses

We should all know our biggest strengths and weaknesses, and your birth chart will surely provide clarity in this realm. It will give you a very honest view of the activities that come most naturally to you, as well as the things that you need to work on. Think of your birth chart as a tool to see things you may not have been aware of before, and something that will inspire you to continue to grow spiritually.

Karma & Life Lessons

Your biggest life lessons will come to light within your birth chart. You’ll get a clear view of the kinds of experiences and challenges that you need to face now and in the future in order to continue on your path of growth. We all come into this life with lessons that we are ‘meant’ to learn, and your chart will help show you the way to leverage and heal from these experiences.

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Author: Wendy Vazquez

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