5 Easy Steps to Frizz-Free Summer Hair

Summer’s hot temperatures and high humidity can give even the straightest of hair a run for its money. It’s the season of frizzy-hair foes, but we’re here to bring chic and sleek back to your beauty routine for your best summer hair yet!

While occasional poofy hair days are inevitable, keep them at bay by following some of our tips:

Add a deep conditioner to your weekly routine.

If there’s one tip to take with you, it’s this one! Frizz happens when hair is dehydrated. It searches for moisture anywhere it can get it (aka the sticky air on your morning walk to work). By drenching it in a nutrient-rich deep conditioner (Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask, $38), your hair’s less likely to look for hydration elsewhere.

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Turn down the water temp.

Cool off on the long, hot showers this summer. When water’s too hot, it strips the hair of moisture and sends your hair into a frizz. A lukewarm temperature is the way to go. Before stepping out, shock your hair with a burst of super cold water. This seals the hair cuticle and prevents unwanted moisture from sneaking its way in.

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Ditch the terry cloth towel.

Wrapping your hair up in your towel after you shower is a huge faux pas. The material is too rough, which causes friction on your strands. Opt to use a soft jersey, microfiber or bamboo hair towel (Kitsch Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap, $15) instead. If you have an old cotton T-shirt laying around, that works just the same!

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Wide-tooth comb and detangle.

Wet hair is fragile and needs to be treated as such. Before combing, spray a leave-in conditioner (Moroccanoil All-in-One Leave-In Conditioner, $28) through your ends to soften them up. Then use a wide-tooth comb (The Body Shop Detangling Comb, $7) to detangle your hair, working from the ends to the scalp. This prevents breakage and preps hair for styling.

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Invest in a professional hairdryer.

All of the above go out the door if you have a subpar hairdryer. Trust us, dishing out a little more dough for a nice, high-quality dryer will benefit you immensely in the long run. A powerful motor helps dry hair faster, meaning less time under the heat! We trust ghd Helios Professional Hairdryer, ($249) to keep our hair sleek and smooth.

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This post was updated and adapted from this post written by Caylee Ashwell and originally published on Glitter Guide in 2017.

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