July 31, 2015, 1 Comment

We’re going to be honest: We were browsing Urban Outfitters’ website for some quirky home décor finds when we accidentally stumbled upon its beauty section. Perhaps we’ve just been a bit out of the loop—but who knew there was […]

A Tired Mom’s Makeup Discoveries

July 30, 2015, 4 Comments

It’s funny: While I’m at a point in my life where I’m into beauty products more than ever before, I’m consciously using a l ...

Our All-Time Favorite Lipsticks

July 29, 2015, 9 Comments

Today is National Lipstick Day, and our beauty-obsessed team is pretty excited about it! Whether we want to take our makeup from day to night or ...

How To Maximize Your Beauty Sleep Routine

July 28, 2015, 5 Comments

Listen up, bona fide beauty junkies. We’ve gathered together some products that give true meaning to the term “beauty sleep” ...

The Best Products For Summer Hair Care

July 27, 2015, No comments

Humidity, heat and chlorine can all be extremely harsh on our hair during the summer. That’s why it’s extra important to find and use the ...

5 Poppy Summer Lip Shades To Rock

July 23, 2015, 4 Comments

Bold lipsticks are a superb summer staple. They can withstand the heat and look stunning with an otherwise naked face. Ready to dip your toe in, b ...

Everyday Summer-Makeup Tutorial

July 22, 2015, No comments

The hot summer sun is fabulous for beach lounging, but not so great when it comes to managing our beauty routine. The heat causes all sorts of challen ...

How To Self-Tan Your Face

July 20, 2015, 3 Comments

As much fun as it is to lay out in the sun and get gorgeously bronzed, it’s just not healthy for our complexion. We prefer the faux version of ...

Refreshing Beauty Products For Hot Summer Days

July 16, 2015, No comments

Summer can be tough on our skin. Whether we’re fighting sunburn, bug bites or sweltering temperatures, our bodies often feel ultra-irritate ...

Beauty Bag Spill With Katie Carter

July 13, 2015, 1 Comment

If you have decided that this summer is the season when you are finally going to put skincare at the top of your priorities list, then today’s B ...

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