Help Your Creativity Thrive in 2020

Make 2020 your most creative year yet

This month we're helping you get a fresh perspective on your creativity for 2020. Sign up for our 4-part email series where we will help you identify and define your values, intentions and goals for the new year.

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Look back on the previous year with our guided end-of-the-year checklist, and more.


Identify and define your personal values as a creative. We will deep dive into what gives you creative energy, where you find inspiration, and how you can use these values to guide your creativity in the new year. 


Before you can set goals for the new year, you first need to set your intentions. We’ll guide you through identifying your values and discovering how those values can influence your intentions and goals for the new year.


Before 2019 is over, you will have your values and intentions defined and ready to turn into goals for the year ahead. Our creativity goals workbook will ensure that in 2020 you will feel refreshed, re-energized and ready to take on the new year.

Help Your Creativity Thrive in 2020!

Get access to our Creativity 2020 resources including workbooks, printables and more.

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