Meet Wendy

editorial assistant

Myers Briggs Type?

INFJ – “The Advocate; Quiet and mystical yet very inspiring and tireless idealist”

Wendy is based in New Jersey, and happily lives with her boyfriend and his service dog, Dan and Charlotte (respectively). She loves all things fashion and beauty, and likes to encourage girl power all around. Her Sailor Moon obsession has lasted over the decades. During her downtime you can find her curled up with Charlotte indulging in an anxiety driving horror movie.

How do you take your coffee?

Always iced! I like a lot of cream, no sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. I also use pumpkin syrup all year long.

Morning person or night person?

I have constant insomnia. I often find myself answer emails at 1am. Mornings are really rough for me, but I’ve been trying to adapt a healthier routine.

Dogs or cats?

Both! I love my dog; she’s my fur baby. But I also enjoy cats. They’re so weird—right up my alley.

3 places you want to travel to someday?

  1. Tokyo, Japan – If I could visit anywhere it would be here. Hopefully within the next couple of years it will become a reality.
  2. Paris, France – where my two loves of bread and fashion meet!
  3. Italy – I need to nail down a good pasta sauce recipe ASAP.
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