If you have a stylish home, amazing personal style, great recipes, or you’re total beauty maven, we want to know about it!

At Glitter Guide we try our best to showcase fresh, original content. Priority is given to stories that have not yet been covered online. Please indicate if your submission has already appeared online or been submitted elsewhere. We’re very selective about our features, so please know that only a few will be chosen. Many of our features are photographed by our team and take a lot of work to schedule and prepare. We prefer professionally shot photos that are bright and clear with lots of details. If you cannot provide a suitable presentation, we may assist you if we’re interested.  Please do not send emails with attachments totaling more than 1MB.

Due to the high volume of submissions we receive, only the ones we’re interested in will get a response. We appreciate your submissions and look forward to seeing them! If at first you don’t succeed, please try again.

Share Your Space! 

 Style at Home: This is one of our most popular features. Do you have a stylish home, apartment or cottage? We’d love to see it! We also feature your personal style mixed with interiors, so we’re looking for people who are comfortable being in the photos.

How to submit: Please email submissions {at} theglitterguide {dot} com with the subject line “Style at Home” and your location. Please provide a link to high resolution photos or add as attachment (no larger than 1MB).

Share Your Style! 

Glitter Girl: Are you in love with fashion? Have great personal style? Have way too many shoes? If so, you may be a great subject for our Glitter Girl feature. Show off your fabulous style and all the most coveted items in your closet!

How to submit: Please email submissions {at} theglitterguide {dot} com with the subject line “Glitter Girl” and your location. If your photos are ready, please send them as a link or attachment (no larger than 1MB) or  provide a link to you blog, website, or Flickr account with high resolution photos of your personal style. This is often photographed at your home and in your closet, so please do not submit photos unless you’re open to having your home photographed.


Share your entertaining style!

Entertaining // Recipes: Do you love to entertain? To cook? Then we’d love for you to share your entertaining style and recipes. Whether it’s how you entertain for a chic dinner party or your delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe, we’d love to see them.

How to submit: To be considered for our foodie/entertaining feature please send an email to submissions {at} theglitterguide {dot} com with the subject “Entertaining” and your location. Please send a link to your blog, website or business with examples of your entertaining style. For recipes: Please send an email with the subject “Recipe” and let us know what it is. Example: “Recipe: Hot Fudge Sundae.”

Share your business! 

Shop Talk: We love strong female entrepreneurs and we want to promote your business with our readers. Do you have a cool boutique, restaurant, catering business, design firm, etc? Share it with us for a chance to have it featured on Glitter Guide.

How to submit: Please send an email to submissions {at} theglitterguide {dot} com with the subject “Shop Talk,” the kind of business it is and the location. Also, please provide a link to beautiful, high resolution images so we can see the space. We’d also love a link to your  website and blog (optional).

Share your craft skills! 

DIY: We’re looking for fun and easy do it yourself experts! Are you super crafty? Then send us a submission with your project ideas and past projects. We prefer to feature projects that have not been shared on other large online sites, so please don’t submit projects that have been covered. We’re open to projects that have been featured on your blog, but we’re mostly looking for original projects.

How to submit: Please send an email to submissions {at} theglitterguide {dot} com with the subject “DIY” and the project title. Also provide a link to the website with past DIY projects (or one that you have completed and would like to submit). We’re looking for super high quality photos and styling.

Share how you stay beautiful! 

Real Beauty: We’re looking for beauty experts. Do you love beauty products and/or work in the beauty industry? We want to feature women who know a thing or two about this industry (or simply are addicted to it). We’re looking for high quality photos or we can schedule a photo shoot of you and  your favorite products. We’d also love examples of beauty tricks you’ve nailed (example: the perfect ponytail).

How to submit: Please send an email to submissions {at} theglitterguide {dot} com with the subject “Real Beauty” and your location. Please, provide details about your background of love of beauty and a link to your website or blog.

If you have an interesting and creative idea not covered by the areas described above, please let us know.

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