DIY Sparkly Cat Eye Sunglasses

Jenni of I Spy DIY here with a super easy and glittery tutorial sure to make your summer accessories shine!  Take a cue from the ultimate Glamour Girl, Jennifer Lopez, and add a little sparkle to your cat eye shades by painting glitter polish onto each corner.

Black Plastic Cat Eye Sunglasses, Silver OPI polish, Wet and Wild Glitter polish, Clear Top coat.
1. Paint a silver base on the corners of your sunglasses. If you need help to make the two sides even, use a silver sharpie to draw guidelines.
2. After letting the base coat dry, paint a second coat with the glitter polish to give it a sparkle.
3. Finish by painting a clear top coat to keep the paint from chipping and let dry.

Add extra shine with JLo’s earrings by BaubleBar, believe it or not, only $52!

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