DIY Glitter Snowflake Ornament

Hi Glitter Girls! It’s Grace here, back again from Stripes & Sequins for more DIY fun!

Today, I thought we’d make some festive glitter snowflakes. You can hang them from your tree or string several together to turn your apartment or home into a sparkling winter oasis. They’re also perfect for New Year’s Eve and make a great addition to any gift as well. Feel free to get creative!

-White Fabric (I used an old/thinning pillowcase that was ready to be cut up).
Modge Podge Small Dish
-Sponge Brush
-Gold Glitter (I used two kinds – fine Martha Stewart classic glitter and a coarser one that resembles confetti)
Spray Varnish (not pictured)

Start the project by cutting snowflakes out of your fabric.  Remember when you were a kid and would make ‘em out of paper?  I cut out a square of fabric and folded it in half three times. I then cut scalloped edges and removed a diamond shape from the center.

Unfold your snowflake once and cut a little triangle out of each side.

Unfold completely–there is your snowflake.

Place your snowflakes on a piece of tin foil (or any other non-stick surface that you don’t mind getting a little messy). Pour a bit of Modge Podge into your bowl and use the foam brush to spread an even layer over the entire snowflake.

Pour glitter over the modge podge. I alternated pouring on the finer glitter with the confetti.

Allow to dry overnight.  In the morning, shake the glitter off and coat with a hefty dose of spray varnish.

Allow to dry a few hours. Then cut a small slit through the top and add an ornament hook. You can also string them along a garland, tape them to a wall or attach to a gift–it’s up to you!

Voila! The finished result!

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