How To: Add Hollywood Glamour To Your Home

Is your home feeling a bit empty or drab?  How about enhancing your décor with a touch of Hollywood glitz and glamour?!  We asked interior designer Barclay Butera of Barclay Butera Inc. for advice about adding enviable style to any room in your home.

With his sandy blond hair and boyish good looks, Barclay Butera is a charming, talented California designer.  Since launching his firm in 1994, Butera has been known for the stylish, yet livable spaces he creates for his clients.  Drawing inspiration from the runways and world travel, Butera creates fashion for the home by blending classic furniture, pattern-on-pattern fabrics, and bold textures.  His work has been featured in House BeautifulTraditional HomeVerandaELLE DECOR, the New York and Los Angeles Times, and many more.  He always designs by his refreshing mantra: “In interior design there are no rules.”

With a passion for old Hollywood style, Butera shares 5 helpful tips on how to incorporate cool California glamour into your home.

Soft shades of washy gray are completely evocative of glamour and elegance.  When I’m accessorizing a clean, unfettered space, I find that oversized silver and gray accouterments add just the right amount of sparkle and light.  Smokey gray glass, brushed nickels, and driftwood shades go with everything!

Animal prints are earthy and sexy, and they go a long way in terms of adding punch to a room.  Pillows and rugs are my favorite way to infuse this statement into a space. And when you top off a sensuous red sofa or settee? Well, it just doesn’t get any more glamorous than that!

Fabrics and textures play a huge role in my design process. I think adding gauzy, draped fabric to a sleeping space is ultra-glamorous (especially if there are great windows and a fabulous view!). When these panels blow and rustle in the wind, it’s like a 1940s cinema moment!

Have a space that’s small and seems a bit insignificant?  Infuse extra glamour by using a gorgeous chinoiserie or exotic, floral wallpaper.  Punch up the color and go bold — this is not a place to play it safe!  Contrasting prints and pops of vivid color are Hollywood all the way.

Walls adorned with exaggerated art displays really set the stage for a glamorous room.  I like using a series, and oversized pieces always make a statement.  Here, to accentuate the beachy theme, we used a classic collage of sailboat images (and put the exclamation mark on with modern coral prints).  The result is a room that sweeps you away to another time and place.

Written by Mitchell Walters of Dear Marguerite

Images via Barclay Butera Inc.

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