How To: Confetti Dot Tipped Nails

Hi Ladies, Tara from The Wonder Girl here with another festive and easy nail tutorial- a fun twist on polka dotted nail art. Getting the technique down of applying dots takes a little bit of practice and patience, but it is worth it as you can experiment with all kinds of designs this spring.

“Confetti Dot Tipped Nails”

1. Paint 2 coats of your base color. I chose a medium hued color that I can put both darker and lighter dots on, Essie’s ‘Turquoise & Caicos’. Let dry completely.
2. Next, paint on your first layer of dots. I started with white polish. I found the best way to apply the dots is with a cooking skewer. It is a little bit larger in diameter than a toothpick and its long length makes it easier to hold and gives you some leverage. Practice making dots on a piece of colored paper first, you want to get the right amount of polish, not too much or you will get a big blob. Make about 4 dots per nail and concentrate them on the half of your nail nearest your tip. Let dry completely.
3. Do 2 more layers of dots with different colors, making about 3-4 dots per nail and layering the dots on top of each other to make the ‘layered confetti’ effect. For the 2nd layer, I applied the darkest color, and for the top layer of dots, the color that was most similar to the base color (the lavender). Apply a clear topcoat once everything is dry.

Base color: Essie’s ‘Turquoise & Caicos’
White dots color: Sephora by OPI ‘A-ha! Moment’
Teal dot color: Butter London’s ‘Bluey’
Lavender dot color: OPI’s ‘Done Out In Deco’

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