5 Things To Try This Weekend

Take a cue from the stylish Olivia Palermo and rock this classic weekend outfit: cargo jacket, white tank, skinny jeans, nude flats, and white handbag. (Iced coffee also makes a great accessory!) (image)

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  • I realise that this is an American site but it would have been nice to have just a nod towards the Queen’s Jubilee this weekend.

    • Why should an American website celebrate or recognize another country’s monarchy? Your our ally but we are separate country’s. Would you do the same for our country? 

      •  Wow.  Actually British fashion websites do run features on things like American 4th of July celebrations.

        Arrogance is such an unattractive quality, isn’t it?

    • There is actually something being worked on for this. Hope we’re able to post. :)

    • Don’t worry English Girl, the Jubilee is getting it’s own separate post! I’m Glitter Guide’s resident English contributor and have a whole host of fun British-themed posts lined up for the Jubilee and Olympics :)

      Briony x

  • this looks very similar to my off duty staple wardrobe (which I’m posting on Monday) so I guess, without knowing it until now, I really did one of your things to try this weekend!

    ♥ ThankFifi

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