6 Ideas For A Unique Bedside Table

[tps_header]Hi Glitter Girls, it’s Mitchell here from Dear Marguerite!  This summer, I decided to tackle a little design project in my home—redecorating our master bedroom.  After painting the walls white and choosing a pretty vintage headboard, one thing had me quite baffled: what kind of bedside tables should we have?  I adore the look of a unique piece of furniture next to the bed.  Here are six inspiring ideas no matter what your design taste!

I love the idea of a simple nightstand—backed by a beautiful antique mirror—leaning against the wall. The reflection of the room is so very pretty! This lovely bedroom was created by designer Lindsey Bond Meadows and featured in House Beautiful.

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  • I am moving to a new place in a week and I have been having the hardest time with the bedside table. Thanks for all the ideas. I love the Lucite desk! 

  • My bedroom is all white. I don`t personally like the white table with the skirt and glass but I liked the lucite one and the desk, something I haven`t thought about. This would only work in my opinion if you had limited space though since otherwise it might look a little off. The luggage pieces could be a fun touch for a guest room but I think I would get bored of them too easily if I had them in my own room. I prefer the first table over the old crate but my personal favorite out of the ones you featured might just be the last one: the statement piece. I`m going to keep the mirror idea in the back of my head though, that was fantastic! 

  • Such varied options – LOVE LOVE the huge mirror – would love the suitcases if I was in a guest room – THANKS!!’

  • What great ideas! Bedside tables are so much fun to play with. I will keep these in mind for when we move next year (and I throw out the old ones) !

  • I find my bedside table has to be very functional – I am in no mood to organize or restyle everything on the brink of sleep. Great inspiration! 

  • I love when people use untraditional night tables.  I have a wrought iron table with a marble top on one side and my Dad’s re-inished telephone table from when he was a kid on the other.  I love it when it’s not match-y match-y!

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