Makeup Tips For Gals With Glasses

[tps_header]These days, eye wear is one of the coolest fashion accessories out there. Glasses are no longer a frumpy accessory of the past! “Geek chic” is in, and we love seeing gals embracing their glasses. Whether you’re a daily user or just can’t be bothered to put in your contact lenses for the day (or week!), there are a few fundamentals to getting your eyes to pop under those stylish specs.

Written By Erin Gerlach of The Sparkle [/tps_header]
Definition Is In: Defining the eyes is a necessary technique since glasses can make the eyes appear smaller. Add some smudged liner to the top lashline, and keep your brows groomed for a perfectly polished look. (image)

Author: Caitlin Kruse

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