3 Easy DIY Hostess Gifts


We like the idea of homemade hostess gifts but usually find ourselves scrambling for a wine bag and picking up a bottle on our way out instead. This year we are determined to put a little more thought into what we bring to our gracious hostesses during the holiday season! We came up with a few super easy DIY projects that you can make in bulk and have on hand to use the next two months!

Photography: Kate Ann Photo
Styling + DIYs: Caitlin Moran[/tps_header]
Glitter Succulent Pot

1 small succulent plant
1 small terracota pot
White craft paint
Mod Podge
Gold glitter
Paint brush
White pen
Craft paper
Double stick tape

1. Apply 2 layers of white paint to the terracot pot (letting dry between each coat).
2. Apply a thick line of Mod Podge on the top rim of the pot and immediately pour loose glitter on top. Let dry 24 hours and then apply another coat of Mod Podge on top.
3. Place succulent in pot.
4. Cut a pennant out of craft paper and write a thank you message in white ink. Use double stick tape to secure to a wooden skewer and insert in soil.

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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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