Local Gem: Haute Off The Rack’s NOLA Trip To Le Méridien


This year, we’re excited to expand our travel content by sharing more of the best restaurants, hotels, attractions, local gems and sites worth seeing—across the U.S. and beyond. First up: a peek at the new Le Méridien Hotel! Nestled in downtown New Orleans, it’s the perfect destination for travelers looking to get a real feel for this vibrant cultural city. With luxurious suites, views of the Mississippi River and a modern-meets-European design, this hotel is the ideal home base for anyone exploring New Orleans. We turned to a local, Jenn from Haute Off The Rack, to give us a tour of this gorgeous new property, share some travel tips and let us in on a few of her style secrets!

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Photography: Kaela Rodehorst
Styling: Jennifer Palpallatoc
Hair: Ginger Dickey

Makeup: Ashley Sievert Beauty
Videograpahy: Brooke Boyd

*This post is brought to you in collaboration with Starwood Hotels & Resorts. 

Check out Jenn’s fun behind the scenes video below!

Haute off the Rack / Glitter Guide from Brooke Boyd on Vimeo.[/tps_header]

What’s your favorite part about living in New Orleans?
I actually live right outside of New Orleans, but I’m in the city at least three days a week. My favorite part is that it always feels like a mini-vacation. I also love all of the history, food and culture. Every little corner has a story to be told.


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Author: Caitlin Kruse

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