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Kristin Jackson is a name with which many of you design buffs are probably already familiar. In addition to being the blogger behind the Hunted Interior, Kristin is a Domino magazine contributor and an interior designer who’s been featured by some big names in the industry (like Better Homes and Gardens and House Beautiful!). Glowing intro aside, though, Kristin also happens to be one of the most down-to-earth creatives we know. Her approachable attitude has solidified her as a darling in the blogging world and beyond. Today, she’s giving us a tour of the home she’s designed—in which she’s employed her own “hunt your surroundings” philosophy from top to bottom. Fair warning: Prepare to be inspired!

Written by Carrie Waller
Photos by Haley Sheffield

First things first. Tell us how you got into the interior design world! What sparked your interest in this creative field?
Coming from a creative family, I have always been around design. My mother was a decorator and introduced me to design at a young age. Design was a love that stuck very early on, so it was a natural choice when attending college.


Your blog, the Hunted Interior, is a beautiful culmination of your creative images and ideas. How and why did you first launch the site?
After being a hotel designer for six years, I left to raise our daughter, Chloe. A year later, I realized how much I missed design and how, after paying so much attention to my career and family, I had neglected the design of my own home. I started to focus on our own spaces, trying to achieve high-end style without the high-end budget. I was left to ‘hunt our home’ for alternative ways to decorate, and the Hunted Interior was created to chronicle the process.


You work as a designer and stylist, along with maintaining a blog and raising a family. How do you juggle all of these different aspects of your life?
Working from home allows me to create content for the blog as well as focus on our two children. Carpools, play dates and appointments all just shuffle into schedules of painting, building and creating. It’s not always easy, but fortunately my family is very supportive and helps with all aspects. My 4-year-old says she’s my design assistant. . .


You recently announced a new role as an Online Style Influencer for Domino magazine! Tell us about this exciting opportunity.
Domino was my absolute go-to magazine. It was gorgeous inspiration, but also had an attainable factor that other glossy mags did not. The eclectic styling greatly influenced my style early on, and I have built my love of layering a space from that. Once the magazine returned, I was thrilled! And when Domino approached me for a collaboration, I was ecstatic. It feels like a natural partnership that allows me to be myself and stay true to my own style.


How would you describe your personal style?
Definitely as “traditional-chic.” I love classic pieces, traditional details and a nod to the past. There will also always be a bit of a modern touch and a hint of color in all of my spaces. I love layering with eclectic items to create a room that people can live in, rather than a beautiful room that no one can touch.


Which room in your home proved to be the most difficult to decorate? What was the biggest challenge in designing this space, and how did you overcome it?
My daughter’s room was initially our dining room. We transitioned the space to make room for my stepson who has moved in with us. We took over our least-used space and made the unexpected choice to turn our dining room into a darling girl’s room. With no closets and built-in shelves, I decided to incorporate open-clothing storage within the shelves. I also built a dollhouse insert for our vintage fireplace. It is a great space saver and conversation piece—something only she has.


What is your favorite piece of décor in your home?
My daughter’s vintage brass bed. We saved it from a family friend who was about to throw it away!

Describe your home in three words.
Bold. Eclectic. Layered.


How do you sparkle?
I sparkle by staying true to myself and my aesthetic. I fall prey to trends and fads, but I find my successes every time I go against the masses and listen to my own voice. If you love something, it shows in everything you do.


















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