What You Need To Know About Socially Conscious Clothing


It’s uplifting to see that much of society is on a collective mission to be more conscientious when it comes to everyday living. From food and transportation to—more recently—fashion and home goods, there’s this thrilling push to act more thoughtfully toward the products we consume. With this fresh movement of responsible style on our minds, we sat down with Jennifer Vu, co-founder of Bon George, to talk about eco-friendly textiles, recycled materials and new-age production methods that maximize chicness while minimizing our carbon footprint!

Written by Carrie Waller
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Take us back to the beginning. What did you study at the University of Southern California? How did your job at BeachMint lead you to your current role as a co-founder of Bon George?
I majored in American Studies, which is basically American literature and history. It was one of those generic majors, and I dabbled in everything—interning in sports, TV, film and PR—trying to find what I wanted to do. I ended up taking a corporate job, but my dream was always to save enough money to open my own store.

Working at BeachMint really gave me a push and made me realize I wanted to work in fashion. I took the jump and quit my job to go my own way. It was a really scary move for me, but I wanted to spend my days creating a good product and helping the community. It’s just clothing, but I think every little bit helps.

We are so impressed that all of your pieces are made from vintage or recycled textiles! What should people know about eco-friendly clothing? In your words, why is it important?
I think we’re moving away from fast fashion and starting to invest in our clothes instead. There’s a demand for transparency now in how our clothes are made. We’re starting to become more conscious of the way we buy and consume things. We’ve seen that in food with farmers’ markets and artisanal roasters. I think clothes and home goods are next. It’s a growing community—and supporting these businesses means more choices for consumers, which is always great.


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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

  • What a wonderful article! I found bon george two months ago and have been so impressed since. Great company, great clothes, great message!

    – brooke

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