How To Shop At Forever 21 When You’re Over 21

Forever 21 Blouse ($17.90)

If, like us, you have eyes bigger than your bank account, you’re probably always looking for ways to cut costs and become a more savvy shopper. We swoon over the pages of Elle and Vogue, but if we regularly purchased one or two of the pieces typically featured, we’d have no money left for food or rent! Bottom line: Even if we want to indulge in some retail therapy, we still need to be smart about money. We tend to buy a lot of pieces from Forever 21—it’s affordable, and there’s an abundance of both trendy and classic (yes, classic!) items.

Forever 21 Chambray Top ($29.90)

We prefer to do most of our shopping online. If possible, we usually try to avoid going into the actual Forever 21 store—the large inventory and crowds can be overwhelming, and the store inevitably gets a bit disorganized during times of high traffic. We also find that we’re less likely to overspend or give into impulse buys when we shop online. Today Abby is sharing her tips for shopping and scoring the best pieces at Forever 21.

Forever 21 Dress ($29.90)  

Tips for shopping online:

1. Read reviews and ratings for the items you’re thinking of purchasing. This is incredibly important when shopping online anywhere. Trying something on in a store allows you to see the fit and quality, but when you’re shopping online, reading reviews is the ticket to knowing more about the quality, cut, fit, fabric, actual color, etc.

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2. Leave the item(s) in your “shopping cart” for a little while. Shopping online allows you the luxury of adding pieces to a virtual cart or wish list now and deciding on them later. If you leave items in your cart for a day or two, you’re inclined to better assess how badly you need or want them.

3. If an item you’ve purchased doesn’t fit correctly, take it to a tailor. Fit is everything when it comes to making clothes look more expensive than they are, so don’t be afraid to get pieces altered.

Forever 21 Cuffed Shorts ($12.90) 

Tips for shopping in the store:

1. Have a mission. Know what you want before you go into the store. Be on a mission to find it. Try not to get distracted.

2. Prep. Spend a little time surfing the online site beforehand. Save the pieces you want in your cart so you can estimate the potential grand total.

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3. Predetermine location. Note which collections your desired items belong to, as this will give you a better idea of where they might be located in the store. You can also save pictures of these items on your phone! This may seem excessive, but it’s actually extremely helpful—think about how vast Forever 21’s inventory is!

4. Try not to go on weekends. If you have to go on a weekend, arrive at the store right when it opens. There will be less crowds, and the store will be at its tidiest!

Abby’s cardinal rule when shopping at any store, including Forever 21:
Make sure that each item you buy can be paired with at least three different outfits.

Adapted from Abby’s personal blog, The Fabulous Life Of A Natural Disaster
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Author: Abby Vancisin

Abby is always on the hunt for affordable fashion, beauty and décor. Abby and Taylor are not related—that they know of ... Follow along on Instagram!

  • I couldn’t agree more! I love doing all my shopping online since it is way easier. Although, I’ve got to say that I can get as distracted online as I do in stores, haha.

  • Love this post! I actually just got a very similar white button down blouse (first picture) at zara for double the f21 price:/ need to start shopping there more often! Thank you for the reminder:)

  • This is a great post! I’m 27 and still shop at Forever 21. They target a number of different demographics, so I think it’s fine! I’m not going to reach for the cropped graphic tee with Mickey Mouse printed on the front…but a 17 year old would necessarily chose the skirt that I would fall in love with.

    Something About That

  • Such a great post! I loved that you included to predetermine the location. As a manager of a F21, I can say our stores are designed to have themed rooms that Fit every girl’s different styles and taste. Most girls only need to shop two rooms in the store at most to find what they are looking for which is a great time saver. I would also add that the Love 21 collection is geared towards women and not juniors. All of the clothes in this collection run one size larger than the rest of the apparel offered.

  • Great tips!. As a lady well over 21 I have completely embraced shop there. I have found some really great pieces.

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