Touring Monika Hibbs’s Oh-So Sweet Blush Pink Nursery

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Time and time again, Monika Hibbs has been a source of creative inspiration for us here at Glitter Guide. If you’ve been following along with this creative blogger, chances are good that you’ve noticed her impeccable, always-on-point style, too! Today, we’re excited to tell you that Monika’s light, bright and airy aesthetic has translated directly into her baby girl’s stunning blush pink nursery. She shares all of the details behind the space, plus insight into her role as “mom” to two little ones below.

pom pom pillow

What made you decide to take the leap and launch your brand back in 2011?

I really needed a refresh as to where my focus was, and knew I wanted to put my time and energy into something more creative. I really wasn’t thinking the blog would become a business or a brand though—I was just doing it because it was fun. I just took it one day and one opportunity at a time. I did know, however, that I wanted a more flexible schedule because of my plan to be a mom one day. Now that I have two children (ages 3 and 6 months), I am so, so thankful that I made that decision.

How has starting a family changed your perspective as a business owner?

Running my own business allows me to be a mom and yet still fit in emails, collaborations and projects while my kids are around. I’ve really had to learn how to effectively manage my time, and recently, I’ve grown a little team and I am so thankful for that help. This not only took so much pressure off being a mom, but also brought back organization, goal setting and really great creative content for my brand. Becoming a mom and running a business can get crazy and chaotic, but with proper time management and help from outside sources, I’ve found a way to have both!

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What was the inspiration behind your daughter’s blush pink nursery?

I love florals and love anything painted in watercolor. I knew I wanted to make a statement with her wallpaper, so designing that first was such a great way to start off the room’s theme. Everything else followed from there.

hello darling print

Becoming a mom and running a business can get crazy and chaotic, but with proper time management and help from outside sources, I’ve found a way to have both!

clothing rack

pink baby shoes

What were some of the goals that you kept in mind while designing this space? Let us in on your process.

I had a few must-have items in mind right from the beginning. I’ve had my eye on the Ro Sham Beaux chandelier even before I was pregnant. So, once I found out I was having a girl, I purchased it right away. I fell in love with the peach-toned beads, which helped in choosing the color palette for the wallpaper. Then I found a gorgeous rug with the same color tones that really grounded everything nicely.

Because there were a lot of pinks and peachy tones, I knew I had to choose the rest of the items with simple whites and neutral colors. I also loved the look of the spindle chair adjacent to the custom drapery—it’s both classic and sophisticated, yet sweet enough for a girl’s nursery. The buffalo check coral pillow and matching oversized bunny were two of my favorite finishing touches. So, it wasn’t a process of planning it all out ahead of time. It simply started with one decision, then another to complement that, then another until it was complete!

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pink crib linens

white pouf

Spill! Where do you love to shop locally in Fort Langley? What are your favorite online stores?

Fort Langley is a small little pocket in the country outside of Vancouver with the most amazing charm and cozy feel. I love seeing all the new cafés and stores that are popping up! My absolute favorite place to visit is my florist Florista. I adore fresh flowers and think they are the best finishing touch to a room. My favorite home décor store in Vancouver would absolutely have to be The Cross Décor & Design. Some of my favorite online home sites to purchase and browse are Joss & Main, Serena & Lily, Pottery Barn and West Elm.

As a mom and business owner, how do you manage to get it all done? What apps and resources keep you organized?

I just recently hired a few girls to my team, which has been life changing. It’s such a huge leap of faith, and I feel like I did it with my eyes closed hoping for the best. We are still learning day by day and implementing new systems that work for our team.

We use WunderList, which keeps us all on the same page with our projects and deadlines. It’s a great app to assign tasks and check things off for everyone to see. We love it! I also love to see everything written down. I am an agenda girl through and through. I have all our editorial content schedules, calls, appointments and meetings still jotted down in my agenda. I like to see it all written out in front of me.

bunny lamp

stuffed wall mounted unicorn

Tell us about that gorgeous floral wallpaper in your daughter’s room!

I wanted a statement with the wallpaper in Lillya’s room. Because her room has an interesting and challenging shape to it with the vaulted ceiling and little hallways, I was hesitant to wallpaper the entire room. But doing one feature wall just wasn’t working either. We added in the wainscoting on the bottom third of the wall, which broke up the room making it less over-powering. At that point, I knew I wanted some big statement florals, effortlessly painted with muted watercolor tones. It definitely has a “wow” factor when you walk in, yet is still subtle and comfortable to live in.

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Any tips for wannabe bloggers looking to break into the creative world of digital content creation?

The big things I’ve learned throughout the years is to be original and consistent with your content. Finding your niche (which aligns with what you’re passionate about) is the best place to start. My brand and blog have evolved over the years, turning new leaves depending on the season of life I’m in. I’ve continued to be consistent throughout it all, true to myself and the brand and have just been very thankful for the growth and opportunities that have come my way. There are so, so many bloggers out there now that you really have to find what you’re passionate about. What can you teach followers or inspire them with? Turn that into your blog and you’ll find success.

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When you’re in need of parenting advice, where do you turn first for help?

I have a few cousins and mommy friends that I look up to a lot. It’s really been trial and error for me. So, if something isn’t working, I’ve learned not to be scared to ask. There are so many different opinions on the Internet that I tend to stay away from searching random mom questions. My mom and mother-in-law are pretty amazing, too. Not only do they have great advice, but they also help me so much! I’m so grateful for the amazing support I have through friends and family.

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If you had to choose, what’s your favorite detail in your daughter’s nursery?

Definitely the wallpaper!

What’s one thing that you hope to teach your daughter as she grows up?

The new Tim McGraw song, “Humble and Kind,” is one of my favorites and I feel like I will play it for my kids over and over. My favorite part is, “I know you have mountains to climb, but always stay humble and kind.” The entire song is such a beautiful example of how to live life.

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There are mamas that are fighting bigger battles, praying for their babies lives and I can only be completely thankful and grateful for my two healthy children and the ability to be able to provide them with my time and presence.

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What’s the best advice you can impart to moms-to-be?

I would have to say listen to your gut, but never hold yourself back from asking for advice and help. Every mom goes through moments when they think their situation is unique and no one can understand, but once you open up and are honest about your struggles raising a kid or kids, you’ll find so many moms that have already experienced it and have fantastic advice to offer. The moments of frustration on those long hard days are only moments. They are far surpassed by the unexplainable love and joy you get from being a mom. Take a step back and remind yourself that everyone is going through the same thing and no matter how perfect a mom’s life might look on Instagram, it just simply isn’t.

I also try not to feel too sorry for myself. There are mamas that are fighting bigger battles, praying for their babies lives and I can only be completely thankful and grateful for my two healthy children and the ability to be able to provide them with my time and presence.

Help another mama out. I have one mama friend that is so good at doing that. She gives every ounce of energy to her babies, yet will drop everything to drive out and help you on your hardest days. I’ve learned from her that we aren’t alone, and supporting one another, cheering each other on, making no judgement or harsh comments and opinions makes us the best moms. That all being said, I would say just stay humble and grounded as a mom and mama friend.

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