3 Easy Tips For Reorganizing Your Home Office

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Our Features Editor, Carrie, shares her tips below for organizing a home office this summer season! For more on the decorative process behind her revamped work space, click over to Better Homes and Gardens to see how she came up with the overall design plan.

Although I think it’s safe to say that we’d all love to tackle stressful organization projects once and for all, the truth is that the journey to a well-laid-out workspace is a constantly evolving one. New priorities and tasks are pretty much daily occurrences in our lives as working adults, so our organization and filing systems have to work hard to keep up with those shifting needs.

I, for one, try to make it a point every season (yes, that’s four times every year) to rethink how my office is laid out. This summer, I took things to an entirely new level by revamping my work-from-home room from the ground up. Below, I’m taking you through my thought process and sharing tips for how you can lay out your own office along the way!

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Incorporate clever reimagined storage.

Hit your local antiques mall and challenge yourself to think outside the box when it comes to your work accessories and paper collection. An old brass vinyl album holder can be repurposed as a business card or to-do list holder, or a vintage shutter can be mounted on the wall to suit a similar paper-sorting purpose. Try turning a distressed framed window into a dry erase board, and you can even give a cool mid-century nightstand new life as a printer command station! Look beyond run-of-the-mill furniture pieces and tabletop accents to see how they can give your office fresh functionality.

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New priorities and tasks are pretty much a daily occurrence in our lives as working adults, so our organization and filing systems have to work hard to keep up with those shifting needs.

How One Editor Reorganized Her Home Office

Group like items together.

We all know that baskets are the easiest way to overhaul your workspace storage setup. From small canvas baskets for pens and staples, to larger woven containers for paper filing, your office can go from cluttered to stress-free simply by resorting everything into separate baskets. But because chances are good that this trick is old news to you, let’s take things one step further by grouping items with other like items for a more seamless grab-and-go lifestyle.

If you have a large collection of rolled wallpaper, cardboard shipping tubes and posters like I do, keep them all together in an open-top basket tucked into the corner. Or maybe you have a string, twine and yarn obsession? Keep those balled up rope-like materials together in one basket, too. Items with similar shapes will always stack and stow easier in a basket together, so think through your everyday silhouettes when organizing your office do-dads.

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Display things that inspire you.

Organization doesn’t just apply to your utilitarian office supplies. Once you’ve nailed down a good system with those pieces, extend your mission to focus on things that simply inspire you. Those framed photos, knickknacks, pretty vases, clocks and containers may not help get you through your to-do list of priorities each day, but one look their way and they do offer you the inspiration and creative energy to put your dreams into play. The bottom line? Don’t underestimate the power of organized shelves purely for inspiration’s sake.

In case you’re looking to up your #shelfie game, learn how to style your shelves in five easy steps here!

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Are you feeling more inspired to tackle your summer season office reorganization project yet? Or maybe you need to start with a completely fresh slate and design your space from the ground up. If that’s the case, hop through to Better Homes and Gardens, where I’m offering tips for bringing your own dreams of the perfect rose quartz-inspired office to life!

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Author: Carrie Waller

Carrie is the writer, stylist and photographer behind Dream Green DIY, and also is the features editor for Glitter Guide. Follow along on Instagram!

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