Meet Marisa Sharkey And Bianca Gates, Founders Of Birdies Slippers

Meet Marisa Sharkey and Bianca Gates, founders of Birdies Slippers

Marisa Sharkey and Bianca Gates, founders of Birdies slippers, share insight into their lives as business owners, moms and gals on the go! Scroll on for a rapid-fire Q&A with the women, plus see a linked list of the top 10 things they’re coveting right now.

First, tell us what we need to know about Birdies Slippers!

Both: We designed Birdies to solve our decades-long problem of finding fashionable footwear to wear at home. We love to entertain, but our only options were going barefoot, wearing gym socks or worse, a pair of ugly, frumpy slippers that went more with our pajamas than with our stylish outfits. So, we created slippers that maintained the style of our outfits while keeping our feet warm and cozy.

How do you boost your creativity?

Marisa Sharkey: Getting out and talking to people! I get too analytical when I am stuck in my own head. Connecting with people to hear what is top of mind for them always brings new ideas.

Bianca Gates: A good workout! Working out helps clear my head and allows me to think about bold new ideas.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

MS: Anguilla—I’d love a relaxing and pampering beachfront vacation right now!

BG: I used to travel to many exotic locations, but these days, I’m looking for the most relaxing vacation spot that I can get to in the shortest amount of travel time. The nice thing about living in San Francisco is that we can travel to Sonoma County, Lake Tahoe, Mexico and Hawaii in just a few short hours.

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What’s on your to-do list for today?

MS: Adding new content to our website (including a fun video about what makes Birdies so special), working with our designer to refine the details of our next collection, connecting with customers to hear how Birdies are working for them and taking my kids to swim lessons.

BG: Today was somewhat unique as I just wrapped up a ski retreat near Lake Tahoe hosted by a few venture capital firms. I’m looking forward to cross-country skiing with my husband this morning before heading back to San Francisco for a fun family dinner with our kids.

Describe your everyday mom style in three words.

MS: Classic, comfortable and chic.

BG: Classic, chic and fun.

10 things they’re loving right now:

  1. Rifle Paper Co. California Art Print
  2. Kate Spade Initial Notebook, B & M
  3. In the Company of Women, by Grace Bonney
  4. The Lark Slippers
  5. Tatcha Deep Hydration Firming Serum
  6. Reformation Blouse
  7. Sugarfina, Rosé all Day Bears
  8. Fig Tree Diptyque Candle
  9. Cravings: Recipes for All the Food You Want to Eat, by Chrissy Teigen
  10. Jardin Des Plantes Vases

What’s your favorite piece in the Birdies Slippers collection?

MS: The Rosefinch is my favorite. It’s versatile, complements my wardrobe well and I love the pop of pink on the tassel.

BG: Now that spring is almost here, I can’t get enough of our Canary style. The bold pop of color adds some sunshine to my wardrobe!

What won’t you travel without?

Both: Our Birdies! In addition to solving the problem of what to wear in your home, Birdies are the perfect airplane and hotel shoe.

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Tell us the one piece of productivity advice that helps you stay on top of it all.

MS: Write it down! It can be hard at times to remember all of the moving parts and a waste of time to worry about them. Writing it down and crossing it off makes it more doable.

BG: Use the tools you have. I keep my calendar up to date and sync it to all of my devices so that no matter where I am or what I’m doing, I have my personal and professional itinerary at my fingertips.

Favorite motherhood moment thus far: go!

MS: I love the silly moments watching the girls crack up—family musical chairs in our living room is my favorite!

BG: My kids are 7 and 4, and we are starting to play lots of board games together as a family. Watching them out-strategize my husband and me is so awesome.

What are the three items you always have in your fridge?

MS: Greek yogurt, berries and Sauvignon Blanc.

BG: Humus, carrots and Sauvignon Blanc.

What’s your favorite day of the week, and why?

Both: We’d both have to say Friday. Birdies may be our passion, but Fridays represent our weekends with our husbands and kids, and we cherish all of the big and little moments we get to spend together as a family.

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