5 Food Delivery Services That Make Healthy Eating A Breeze

chrome kitchen faucetWhen it comes to healthy eating, even the most motivated among us can be tempted to slip for the sake of convenience. Who has time to slave away in the kitchen when there are to-do lists to get done? But why should eating meals that are healthy and eating meals that are convenient be mutually exclusive activities? The good news is that they don’t have to be thanks to these new delivery services offering organic kids meals, all-natural workout snacks, plant-based entrees and more. In a battle between eating foods that are healthy and eating foods that are convenient, contributor PJ Feinstein, is sharing the delivery services that make healthy eating a breeze.

For Breakfast…

We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but sometimes hitting the snooze button for an extra 15 minutes of sleep feels more important than crafting something nutritious in the kitchen. Daily Harvest, a delivery service with celebrity fans like Sophia Bush and Eva Amurri, has just added Activated Breakfast Bowls (starting at $7.99 per cup for 6 cups/week) to its roster of frozen superfood eats. This new collection of six protein-rich breakfasts couldn’t be easier to make: simply add the milk of your choice (we prefer almond), stir and stick in your fridge. The Overnight Oats and Chia Parfaits will be perfectly soaked and ready to enjoy by the time you’re racing out the door in the morning.

For Fitness Buffs…

You work out regularly and need to keep your body fueled, but you’re also trying to eat healthy and avoid unnatural ingredients. Unfortunately, most protein powders and workout supplements are packed with chemicals that don’t promote long-term fitness and wellness goals. The new monthly subscription box from clean.fit (starting at $29.70 per month) offers a hand-curated selection of premium snacks and workout supplements free of artificial preservatives, trans fats, high-fructose corn syrup and other not-so-good-for-you ingredients. Each box features a mix of five to seven full- and trial-sized products from independent brands you might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.

For Plant-Based Diets…

A whole-food, plant-based diet is based on fruits, vegetables, beans and grains. It’s healthy, sure, but all that chopping can make you start craving something fast from the drive-thru. Also, fresh produce has the annoying tendency of going bad before you have the chance to eat it all. An easier way to enjoy plant-based meals is Veestro, a delivery service offering a variety of packages targeting specific needs like weight loss, high protein and gluten-free. There are also organic, non-GMO juices available à la carte ($6.99) or as part of multi-day juice cleanses (starting at $119).

For Babies and Kids…

It’s pretty easy to feed babies healthy, organic foods. You puree some fresh fruit and vegetables and call it a day. It gets a little trickier to continue preparing meals free of artificial ingredients, added sugars, trans fats and high-fructose corn syrup as little ones get older, especially if you’re working a full-time job. To make mealtime a whole lot easierand healthierNurture Life (from $45 to $119 per week) delivers fresh, organic, ready-to-eat meals designed to meet the nutritional needs of kids up to 18 years old. The menu rotates weekly to include seasonal choices to introduce kids to new flavors along with classics you know they’ll love.

For Families…

There’s no doubt that meal kits make dinner easy, but some make the work of feeding a family easier than others. Gobble (from $11.95 to $13.95 per meal) is one of those delivery services. While most kits come with portioned ingredients, Gobble meals are delivered prepped and ready to cook (no knives needed!) and go from pan to plate in less than 15 minutes. Heating a frozen pizza in your oven takes longer than that! Better yet, the three-step recipes are easy enough for kids to follow, and with only one pan, clean up is nearly as quick as cooking. There’s literally no excuse for not preparing a home-cooked meal when all you have to do is add ingredients to a pan, heat and serve.

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  • I used Gobble for several months and discontinued due to terrible customer service and many rotten boxes. While some of the meals were very good I would definitely not qualify them as “healthy eating”. The nutrition information (which you have to badger the company to get) lists sodium levels close to the recommended daily amount (for just one meal).

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