We’re Living For This Beautiful Kid-Friendly Home By The Sea

We’re Living For This Beautiful Kid-Friendly Home By The Sea

Rug // Bar Cart // Chairs (similar) // Round Mirror 

Bed (similar) // Play Kitchen // Kilim Rug // Linen Bedding // Straw Doll Carriage (similar)

Sylvia & Her Home

‘Less is More’ is a phrase Sylvia Tribel lives by when it comes to decorating her house (in fact, she admits that clutter is one of her biggest interior design pet peeves), and this has helped her achieve a clean and beautiful home that’s also kid-friendly (yes, it is possible!). Her mid-century modern style with hints of bohemian can be seen throughout her house located “down the shore” in Long Branch, New Jersey, including in her daughter’s adorable bedroom. Sylvia also believes that it takes years to make a house a home, and we’re confident we’d feel right at home with its beautiful kitchen and super-cozy sun room. We can’t wait to share more details and pictures of the house that Sylvia, her husband and daughter call home. After taking this home tour, it will be easy to see why many believe life is better at the beach.

Describe your home decorating style. What are you most drawn to when it comes to home décor and furniture?

I would say mid-century modern with a hint of bohemian. I am most drawn to clean lines, but also love the look of rattan at the moment.

How has your home changed since becoming a mom?

Design-wise, it honestly hasn’t changed much except for the addition of baskets. Lots of baskets! They are the perfect solution for organizing and keeping toys out of sight when not in use. We also purchased a sofa with washable covers and a jute rug, which are both much more practical with a toddler around.

Bed (similar) // Play Kitchen // Kilim Rug // Linen Bedding

What’s your favorite room in the house?

Our screened-in sun porch. I’m not sure if it’s technically a room, but it’s where we love to spend most of our time in the spring, summer and fall. It’s where post-beach naps take place, cocktails are sipped, meals are eaten and where we love listening to music and spending time with each other as a family.

Tell us about the roles in your family! Who does what between you and your husband?

Our roles are always changing depending on the season—my husband does a lot more when he’s off during the summer and we both share the chores even though I usually have to clean again after his attempts. We both take turns putting Paige to bed at night because it usually takes an hour and a half. Cooking goes back and forth—he cooks more of our basic meals and I’m more of the risk-taker. We always look forward to using the grill and having dinner under the lights on the patio.

What’s one song or album you could listen to on repeat?

The Bon Iver album by Bon Iver. I will never tire of it—it’s so good.

Go-to “mom-on-duty” outfit?

It’s usually a romper or a dress because there is less to iron and coordinate! I have been living in this dress this summer.


Wall Sconces // Large Framed Print // Dot Wall Hooks // Linen Bedding // Throw

Flowers or chocolate?

That’s a tough one, but I’ll have to go with flowers!

Favorite family date spot?

The beach! It’s the best spot for a picnic in the evening. It’s usually just us and the seagulls when the sun is setting and the sky is turning lovely shades of pink and purple.

Got any kid-proofing tips to share?

We used hair ties for kitchen cabinets when our daughter was a baby!

What’s in your makeup bag?

NARS bronzerfoundation and lip balm.

Sofa // Jute Rug 

Bar Cart

Could you let us in on a #momfail of yours?

A recent one was leaving the house without a potty in my trunk. Paige ended up peeing in her car seat because I couldn’t find a restroom quick enough. 

On the other hand, tell us about your biggest triumph as a mother?

I’d have to say raising a caring and affectionate little girl. Paige is always first to ask if we’re OK and tell us our boo-boos will feel better soon. I’m hoping that her hugging ability is genetic.

What are a few of your pet peeves when it comes to interior design?

Furniture that is not scaled properly for a room, and clutter. I think a lot of people feel the need to fill their homes with excess “stuff” to make it look lived in. For me, less is more. I tend to take my time finding the right pieces. It takes years to turn a house into a home.

Pretend you are a law maker for the day—what’s the first law you would pass?

This is a tough one especially with what’s happening in the world today. I have heard that Colorado was able to put a ton of money into their schools because they legalized marijuana though.

Where do you love to go with your family when you hit the town?

We almost always end up at Porta for delicious Neapolitan pizza, ricotta and meatballs. There is usually live music and Paige can keep herself entertained for hours there.

Tell us about your beach must-haves with a little one in tow!

Beach toys, sunscreen, lots of snacks and this Gathre Mat

What advice would you give to other moms looking to find balance between kid-friendly and stylish home décor?

There are so many companies out there now that sell beautiful kid-friendly furniture. I find myself purchasing miniature versions of furniture we already own.

Sylvia’s Dress: Christy Dawn

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