We’re Obsessing Over This Modern Vintage Ohio Home

While it’s exciting for a couple to plant their roots in a new town, there’s something equally special about moving back to one of their hometowns. Just ask Breanna Bertolini, self-proclaimed lover of all-things DIY and design. She not only moved to her husband’s hometown with him and their two children, but into the actual home he lived in for the majority of his childhood. It needed some updating throughout, so Breanna worked her magic to transform many of the outdated rooms into beautiful spaces that feature a modern vintage look. Scroll down to see all of the amazing updates and details throughout, and get ready to swoon!

Tell us about your home! What do you love about your town and where you’re planting your roots?

We have a bit of a unique situation! We moved in with my father-in-law about a year and a half ago when my husband got a new job back in his hometown. So we live in the house where he spent the majority of his childhood, which is pretty cool. His dad is letting us make updates and make it our own and it definitely needs it! It was built in 1989 and hasn’t really been updated since.

Poland, Ohio is such a cute little town and I love the community here. It helps that this is where my husband grew up so he already has a lot of roots planted already!

Bed // Lamps // Side Tables // Desk Chair

One of our favorite things about your home is all the fun wall décor, especially the mirrors! Where is your favorite place to shop for fun finds like those?

I try and mix items from larger retail stores and smaller businesses for a modern vintage look. I have a few local antique/thrift stores that I love to shop at. I’ll always be a thrifter at heart and I love the unique one-of-a-kind pieces you can find. I’m also a sucker for Target and TJ Maxx (who isn’t?), and I’ve been finding some awesome home stuff online at H&M.

Your bathroom is amazing. We love all the tile! Did you do a lot of work to that room or were you able to work with what you had?

Thank you! This was actually our first major gut job, so we did a ton of work! We knocked down a couple walls and opened up the space to be much bigger. We hired a contractor to help with that stuff because we didn’t want to deal with all the plumbing and electric ourselves. As for the tile, my father-in-law does that for a living so we’re lucky to have him around to help and there were lots of DIY projects, too!



What is one item in your closet you couldn’t live without?

A good cozy sweatshirt—I’m always cold!

Bar Stools

The layout of your kitchen is really unique. What vibe were you going for when designing that space?

Our kitchen layout is actually original to the house. I made some cosmetic updates, but it’s not a space we’ve fully tackled yet. It’s definitely a unique space though, and I love the giant island in the middle. It always seems to be the spot everyone gathers around to hang out and chat!

Your son’s nursery is so sweet. Any tips for new mamas out there looking to create a cozy space?

I’d say the big thing is that you don’t have to design it for your baby—design it for yourself! They’re so little and are never going to care what it looks like until they are much older. You’ll be spending a lot of time in there so you might as well make it a space that you love.

Crib // Lamp

Was there any space in your home that was particularly hard to design?

Once I get a vision for a room in my head, I’m pretty good about making it come to life. That being said though, our bathroom definitely gave me the most challenges. Since it was the first time we were knocking down walls, we ran into some issues with load-bearing walls and I had to change my design plan a bit. I’m actually glad that happened though because it ended up working out better and I couldn’t love that room more!

What does your perfect date night look like?

I’m easy to please, and these days with two kids, I’m happy doing anything alone with my hubby. Dinner and a movie is always my go-to and drinks and dessert better be included!

You have a lot of great textiles in your home. Where’s your favorite place to shop online for those fun pops of color or pattern?

I love discovering small shops on Instagram and Etsy. A few of my favs are @theivorygull, @norwegianwoodonline, @kaekooshop and @swoonrugs.

As a graphic designer, how do you think your eye for design influenced how you decorate your home?

The two totally go hand in hand! Studying graphic design in college helped me learn all about negative space, color, balancing elements and so much more. I think it’s been especially helpful in styling vignettes and being able to create a well-balanced design that is aesthetically pleasing. Having that background definitely gave me a good foundation to build beautiful spaces today.

Shop her home:

Pendant Light
Flush Mount Light
Hanging Planter
Bar Stools

Master Bedroom:
Day Bed
Art Above Bed
Bench (similar)
Nightstands (similar)
Lamps (similar)
Triangle Macrame
Rug Under Bed
Rug in Front of Mantle
Desk Chair
Chunky Knit Throw

Shower Door Panel
Leaning Shelf
Bench in Shower
Art Above Tub
Turkish Towels
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Plant Hanger
Hand Soap

Eloise’s Room:
Macrame Lantern
Basket Light
Rug (similar)
Tassel Garland
Elephant Print

Hawkin’s Room:
Crib (similar)
Fiddle Leaf Fig
Art Print Above Bed
Black Lamp
Changing Basket
Wall Weaving

Laundry Room:
Pillow and Pillow
Shelf Brackets
Laundry Basket (similar)
Hanging Planter
Dog Food Holder
Fiddle Leaf Fig


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