5 Quick + Easy Summer Hairstyles To Keep You Cool All Season Long

We know the drill: Summer is in full swing, the temperatures are rising and you’ve hit a wall with your repertoire of hairstyles that don’t leave you hot and sticky. Us, too. While beach-y boho waves and mermaid hair might be some of our most pinned styles, the last thing you want when it’s hot out is flat hair that sticks to your neck. Yuck! Luckily, updos are trending and our contributor, Chelsea Jackson of Hazel + Scout, has gathered five of her favorites to rock all season long.

Keep scrolling for a little hair-spiration and let us know how you’re staying cool this summer in the comments!

5 summer hairstyles

Image via Faithfull the Brand

Half-Up, Half-Down

A classic among the GG team, this style is perfect for staying cool while maintaining that cool-girl appeal that we’re all seeking during the summer months. To achieve this look, part your hair behind the ears and pull the top half into a loose bun (the messier, the better). Keep in mind this style is GREAT for day two (or three) locks!

Image via Festival Brides

Boxer Braids

We’ve seen this look on our favorite beauty influencers for a while (hello Kardashian-Jenners, we see you rocking these braids!) and twin plaits were spotted everywhere during festival season. To get the look, part your hair right down the middle and French-braid your tresses starting at the temples. You can keep them sleek and tight or loosen the strands for a relaxed vibe…dealer’s choice.

Image via Free People

The Scarf Pony

Foolproof and super on-trend, the ponytail scarf is making the rounds and climbing to the top of our hair looks list. With tons of styles (like this one and this one from Free People), it’s easy to find something you like. Add this accessory to a chill low pony or something higher for a slightly preppier look.

Image via Pinterest

Braided Halo

An oldie but a goodie! This bohemian hairstyle was popular a few years ago, but looks fresh for 2018 with different styling (why not add it to something fancy or wear the style with jeans and sneakers instead of a prairie dress). To create your own halo, part your hair at the center and make chunky French braids on either side. Cross the plaits at the nape of your neck and add bobby pins to combine.

Image via Lilah Summer

The Bandana Wrap

A cousin of the scarf pony, this look is perfect for lounging at the beach or pool! Simply tie your hair into a loose bun and accessorize with a hair wrap, scarf or bandana (just make sure the fabric is soft instead of starchy). Pull a few strands loose to accentuate your face and you’re good to go!

Need some more hair-inspiration? Check out easy hairstyles anyone can pull off, or our guide to nailing those air-dried waves!

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  • Dutch braids, not French braids. In order to get the looks, you have to situate the braid on top rather than underneath the hair. I’m a bandana gal, myself.

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