10 Self-Care Gifts To Treat Yourself To This Holiday Season

With shopping, parties, events, and whatever else the rush of the holiday season brings, it can be hard to feel like you have any time to take for yourself. In a season that can be chaotic and feel rushed, it’s important to slow down and do some much-needed self-care!

Scroll on for some relaxing treats to indulge in this holiday season.

An Oil Diffuser

The glowing light and scents that come from an oil diffuser are so calming as you get ready for bed or are just at home during the day. It’s fun to play around with different oil combinations to give the ultimate spa-like feel.

Bath Products

My new online obsession for all things self-care is Chillhouse. They have so many self-care treats like this soap infused with lavender to help you literally chill out. (I would also like this message tattooed on my forehead as a reminder for the holiday season.)

A Body Scrub

Scrub away the stress of the day with this delicious smelling scrub infused with glitter. Who needs a sparkly party dress when you can have glowing skin?

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Face Masks

Pop on a quick sheet mask in between running errands and getting ready for your events. This trio of masks has something for every mood.

A Bath Soak

I need as many reasons as possible to have some alone time and this bath soak is the perfect thing with its detoxifying agents to help you detox from the stress of the season.

A Sleep Supplement 

Cap Beauty has a whole list of “powders and potions” to help you through the peak hours of your day. This would be perfect to mix in your nightly tea.

Lip Mask

I cannot get enough of this stuff. Layering it on every night helps me feels like I’m doing something a little extra for myself (even if it’s essentially putting on lip balm) I especially like the grapefruit flavor, and hey, little steps towards self-care are what makes the difference!


This is a super chic way to introduce botanicals and essential oils in a modern way. There are a variety of scents and uses, but any of them will be sure to boost your mood when used in your home.

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A set of crystals like these moon-bathed ones from Girl Undiscovered are the perfect self-care treat before entering the new year. Good vibes and intentions all around!

Even though this season can be stressful, there’s always little ways for you to wind down and treat yourself to some self care. Check out How To Do Self-Care Like A French Girl and 6 Tiny Things You Can Do To Take Better Care Of Yourself This Week for more tips!

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Author: Evalyn Duke