5 Tips For Working From Home During The Winter

Working from home is becoming more and more common in today’s work world, whether it’s full-time or having flexibility a few days a week. This option is awesome for any job, at any point in the year, but it can be especially attractive during the freezing and dark winter months. Get your work done, without all the hassle of sleet and snow!

Working from home can be a slippery slope though, and you still need to tackle your to-do list, even if it’s a blizzard outside. To stay motivated and on task, our contributor, Kaleigh Glaza, is here with a few simple tricks!

1.  Have a workday wardrobe.

This is really a year-long tip, but it can be especially tough to change out of your cozy pajamas when you wake up in the cold and dark. And really, who would know if you didn’t change out of your flannels? You would know, that’s who!

You can still stay in comfy clothes (the Lululemon Align pant is honestly heaven), and it is not mandatory to put on makeup. Just get up, wash your face and change into new clothes for the day. It may seem like a small step, but it will remind you that the workday has begun and have you ready to get down to business.

2. Work in color.

Color is key! Add it on your desk, throughout your home, even on your desktop. A splash of color will add a flash of delight to your day! Plus, having special touches like fresh flowers or an inspirational poster will make you smile even as you trudge through your daily to-do list.

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3. Stay away from the couch.

I am guilty of this one, and I know it can be a tough pull to just post up on the couch when you’re working from home. This is true year long, but especially so when you want to feel cozy and comfy. But you will be less productive, more likely to nap and generally have a harder time getting your shiz done on time from the couch. Plus, it’s bad for your back. Feel free to give yourself breaks throughout the day, but stick it out at that desk, honey!

4. Watch your electric bills.

This might seem silly, but you really will be using more heat and electricity during the winter. It stays darker longer and gets darker earlier, so just keep an eye on your bill. If you see it spiking, make sure to turn lights off when you don’t need them and even keep it a little chillier in your home. You can always layer up, and having it be a little crisp in your “office” will help you stay alert all day long.

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5. Get outside!

This. Is. Key. Even if it’s cold and windy and gross. You might feel all cozy at home, and want to resist the urge to go out, but you can’t become a total hermit for the whole winter season. Make sure to get outside at least once in the morning and once in the afternoon every day. Yes, every single day! Go for coffee, walk the dog, run errands or just take a walk around the block. Your body and brain will both benefit from a change of scenery and nothing will keep you awake and alert like a blast of winter cold.

This also applies to after work! Make concrete plans throughout the week so you can make sure to see people, do things and take advantage of all the pros of the winter season (there are positives, I swear!).

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