Autumn Delestowicz’s Dreamy Monochromatic Home

According to Autumn Delestowicz, if “plant lady” was a home décor style, it would perfectly reflect her beautiful space. But it’s not just the plants that we love in the space, it’s also the monochromatic theme found throughout. Each room perfectly blends in with the others, creating a cohesive, yet incredibly cozy and chic space. We loved getting to know Autumn and learning more about her life and home, and we know you’ll find her just as interesting and her home just as awesome as we do, so step inside and enjoy!

What is Matriarch Handmade? What made you start this business?

Matriarch Handmade is a custom online shop consisting of handmade banners, mugs, koozies, coasters, totes and pillows. 

In 2012, I opened an Etsy shop and named it Matriarch Vintage to resell vintage clothing and items I found while thrifting. I was a young stay-at-home mom who needed a hobby and could use some extra spending cash and this turned out to be a fun way to stay at home with my baby and provide for my growing family. I then changed the Etsy shop name to Matriarch Vintage & Handmade when adding some handmade jewelry. In 2016, I rebranded to Matriarch Handmade, dropping all vintage items and focusing on handmade items for the home. When I shared a banner that I made for myself with my followers on Instagram, the demand to produce more came quickly and rebranding then became a natural thing to do.

How do you decide what to create for your shop? Who is your ideal client?

Most items in the shop are naturally related to being a Mom Boss or feminist by nature. I am sassy and full of humor, so my items reflect my personality. If I find humor in something or can relate to it, I figure most moms (and dads) can as well. Most of my inspiration comes from other moms on social media and trends in the female world, like our feminist movement.

What’s it like to balance running a store on top of everything you already have going on?

Crazy busy, but I like it that way! It definitely helps that I work from home with the joy of being with my children, not to mention, the flexibility. When my husband and I bought this home, the master bedroom was on the main floor, in between the dining and living room. It also had a half bath, but seemed odd for a bedroom, however, PERFECT for my workspace. Having the ability to tend to the children from my shop definitely helps the daily multitasking.

During holidays and busier times of the year, it can be stressful since I am literally a one-woman shop, so I’m grateful when my family rallies together to help get a big order finished. We make a great team. But all in all, I stay organized and focused on my goals and deadlines, because when you love what you do and you have the support at home, work doesn’t often feel like work. 

Do you have any essential tips that make running a business easier?

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Staying organized would be number one. Asking for help when you need it and believing in yourself! You’re going to fail sometimes, but you must ALWAYS TRY AGAIN!

How would you describe your home décor style?

Is plant lady a décor style? No really…

What about plant lady meets eclectic, edgy mama with respect for the traditional elements of a home?  There isn’t just one way to describe my style; I like what I like and make it work in my space. I appreciate different types of style but don’t feel like I follow any specific trend or style to a T. I instead pick and choose items from each different style that I like and try marrying them into what I already have going on. I like clean lines, simple colors and interesting or meaningful items to fill my space. No need to follow a certain style, feel your space and place the things in it that bring you joy, the rest will fall into place.

We love the monochromatic scheme! Did you always have this color scheme in mind, or did it come about naturally over time?

To be honest, as a little girl, I remember wanting to paint every room a different and bold color. I did just that in our last home and it worked, but with this home and all of its stunning original woodwork, I felt white would be the best way to go to allow the woodwork to be the star of the show and really pop. It’s in incredible shape and it’s true to the architecture of the home and our city. After adding the first black accent wall at the staircase, it all just kinda happened. I loved the black wall so much I bought more and painted the top half of the kitchen, which led me to using it again in Theodore’s bedroom. To view pictures of the progress in our home, search hashtag #DFamilyAbode.

The black accent wall is our favorite. Do you have any tips for those who love darker colors, but don’t want to be overwhelmed by them?

Start small! I started with the black wall as an accent wall and was so pleased. I couldn’t get enough of the color and ended up using it throughout the entire house. Paint is not a forever commitment. Sure it’s work to change it, but you can ALWAYS paint over it if you don’t like it or need a change. 

What are some essential elements that you need to have in your home to create the perfect atmosphere?

Plants, that’s a pretty obvious one for me! I also very much enjoy a good area rug. It can transform a room quickly, inexpensively and completely. Well-framed items, not limited to photography, but other works of art or items that may hold sentimental value are core in my home. Taking the extra time to display something you love brings that final touch into any space.

How do you keep your home tidy, but also kid-friendly?

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I am naturally a clean-freak. I don’t do well with clutter and messes—it stresses me out. I have always tried to give the kids their own space for toys. I have a small area in the living room with quiet toys, such as books, blocks and puzzles. If there are going to be children’s items in an adult living space, I do my best to make them blend in and look good. Investing in storage that brings style into a space helps maintain that look of the home and allow for functionality. In the dining room, they have one drawer with coloring books and crafting items. The kids both have their own bedrooms, as well as a shared playroom/LEGO zone. This room holds the overflow, including their LEGOs, cars, trains, books, games, etc. In the playroom closet, there is an old dresser to help store and organize games and additional crafting items. It’s safe to say I think outside the box to store and organize our home.

What kind of self-care tips can you share with other mothers who also run their own business?

Take time for yourself! If you are not well, your business will not do well. On days you feel burnt out, do something that you love to help spark creativity and inspiration. Personal days are a must! 

You’ve been open for business since 2012, congrats! Are you working on anything new that you can share with us?

New items are always in the works! Feel free to follow along on Instagram @motherrose and #MatriarchHandmade to be the first to know about new items, sales and giveaways.


Photography by Julia Ross – @juliaross – Facebook

Autumn Delestowicz – Matriarch Handmade@motherrose FacebookPinterest

Shop Her Home:



Wall Banner

Dining Room

Sheep Photo



Chairs (similar)

Living Room

Woven Rug

Striped Rug

Gold Velvet Pillows

Mud Cloth Pillows

Sheepskin Rug 1

Sheepskin Rug 2

Free Hugs Pillow

Coffee Table

Floor Lamp

Wall Sconce

Planter w/ Stand



Wall Clock (similar)

White Folding Work Table (similar)

Uncle Sam Poster (similar)

Wall Sconce




Ceiling Fixture




ABC Chalkboards

Striped Rug

Cube Storage

Wall Banner

Travis’s Room


Periodic Chart

Ceiling Light

Throw Pillow


Theodore’s Room



Ceiling Light

Wall Banner


Shower Curtain

Wall Banner

Master Bedroom


Velvet Quilt (similar)


Throw Pillows

Corded Lights

Moon Phase Wall Hanging (similar)

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