How To Style Your Houseplants Like A Professional Interior Designer

Houseplants are the home décor staple that will never go out of style. In my opinion, the more plants you have, the better. Not only do they lend well to a homey aesthetic, but they’re good for your home as well. And even if you have the blackest of thumbs, there are still variations you can find that will thrive on their own. But just adding a plant to a room in your house isn’t as satisfying as intentionally weaving them into your home décor. Easier said than done, right? Don’t worry, you too can style your houseplants like an interior designer. Read on for some real-life inspiration and tips.

Fill empty corners with plants, not furniture

Alexandra’s Full Home Tour

You know that annoying corner in your living room that looks to bare when empty, but too cluttered when you try to fill it? Plants are a great solution for these hard-to-style sections. Try arranging multiple plants at varying heights to give the space depth.

Go for the unexpected

Stacey’s Full Home Tour

Snake plants are cool, but interior designers know a little bit of whimsy goes a long way. Dwarf fruit trees are great for indoors and are such a cool way to add style to your home.

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Shelves = Plants

Lindsay’s Full Home Tour

Adding plants to your bookcases, shelves, tabletops and mantles is an effortless way to bring a new energy into your space. Ask anyone who has mastered the “shelfie” and you can guarantee their formula involves at least one plant. Adding little pops of living elements to these sections makes a huge difference.

Hang ’em up

Anita’s Full Home Tour

If you’re limited on space, hanging plants are the perfect solution. A dramatic draping plant like ivy or fern is ideal for these spaces. I highly recommend a plant that hangs over the planter for a more texturized look. We have a hanging plant in every room of the house, and it adds so much more interest to the corners of the room. For a really fun look, try hanging five to seven draping plants in the bathroom for a jungle vibe.


Invest in stylish planters

Beth’s Full Home Tour

Depending upon your personal style, a cohesive planter is a must. We love how Beth uses baskets and natural materials for her planters, which adds to the tropical vibes in her home. Maybe you’re more of a ceramics gal. Or mid-century? No matter what your décor style, planters are an easy way to tie together a space and instantly make it look more professionally put together rather than a random hodgepodge of planters.


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Add living elements to each room

Erin’s Full Home Tour

We already know plants are good for awkward or unusable spaces. But adding a tall plant in spaces you wouldn’t expect is a popular trick among interior designers. Adding a living element into your space transforms the whole vibe of the room. Yes, this bathroom would be stunning on its own, but the addition of the fiddle leaf adds life and excitement to the space. There’s a physiological connection when we see plants indoors.

When in doubt, more is more

Leah’s Full Home Tour

Look, you’ve never seen a home tour and thought, “It’s lovely, but there are too many plants,” right? Because there’s no such thing. Plants have a magical quality of being able to décorate a room without feeling cluttered. No one hoards plants. Plants breathe new life into your home, so don’t worry about overdoing it.

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Author: Samantha Welker

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