WFH Outfits I Wish I Was Wearing

There are two camps when it comes to working from home. There’s the “Always Get Dressed” camp and the “Sweatpants For Life” camp. I happen to fall into the latter. In fact, a big reason I love working from home is it means I never have to get dressed. That said, I do see the value in putting on a cute outfit even if it’s just for yourself. When I make the time for it, I have no regrets. My issue is that I have a very short window of time to work during the day (and even less right now during this pandemic) and I have to maximize my time. I also hope that I will squeeze in a workout before I shower. If I get dressed stylishly, it means working out isn’t going to happen. So for me, getting dressed isn’t at the top of my list. This doesn’t mean I can’t daydream that I’m one of those people who looks hella cute in the comfort of their own living room (yes, I just used the word hella…feel free to stop reading now). So I  thought I would share my bookmarked WFH outfits that I wish I was wearing!

Many of these looks were discovered from the Instagram account @wfhits, which is amazing and I highly recommend you follow it!


My friend Em is the queen of making every single piece of clothing look cute. She not only runs her own vintage clothing shop, Encourage Vintage, but she also just designed her first piece: the “Faye” dress. It was inspired by one of her favorite vintage nightgowns and she has proven that it looks cute every single way you wear it! Worn here with Retro Super Future eyeglasses and Freda Salvador slip-ons.



This is very much a WFH outfit I can get behind: Comfy Vans slip-ons, early 2000s-style flared jeans, a fun matchy sweater, a cozy beanie and the essential WHF AirPods.



Ruffles are for every occasion in my book, especially if they come with insanely oversized sleeves.



I can’t think of anything as cool as working from home in a rad pair of cowboy boots. Practicality is out the window. This would make me feel extra in the best way!



Ruffles and pajamas in one?! Sign me up. This is an outfit I would wear every day if I had it. It makes staying home in your loungewear so chic.



This outfit is close to what I actually wear every day right now. Except instead of a fancy floral top, I’m in a raggedy T-shirt. Maybe I should take a cue from her and do the party on the top, pajamas on the bottom!



I literally would wear every single thing Alexa Chung wears. I don’t have much reason for wearing a coat right now, but I can see the merit in wearing this out for a daily walk (and therefore feel like you’re off to a meeting or lunch date even though you aren’t).



@harlingross of @manrepeller

I want this outfit immediately. Harling’s sweater is by Entireworld (it makes amazing cozy basics). There is something about a monochromatic outfit that is a surefire way to make you feel more stylish and cute.


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Author: Taylor Sterling

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