9 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Total Houseplant Nirvana

If you’re a lover of houseplants, you know Instagram is a dreamland of plant-filled inspiration. Even if you have a black thumb, it’s easy to live vicariously through a slew of plant-proficient individuals. From interior inspiration to plant education, these are some of our favorite Instagram account to follow for plant paradise.



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A post shared by sm(ART)ist (@stepintomyinstaden)

This account is full of positivity, houseplants and good vibes.




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A post shared by Laurent (@urbanplantes)

Laurent’s account gives a envy-inducing look into his plant-filled life in Paris.




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A post shared by Hello Plant Lover (@helloplantlover)

This plant heaven is curated by @hellomissmay and is everything you want in a houseplant IG account.




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A post shared by Hesti Novita Dewi (@hesti.novitadewi)

Hesti Novita Dewi’s home is filled with plants in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

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Christopher’s account is all about building community through plants and all the botanical inspiration your heart desires.




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A post shared by malinbrostad (@malinbrostad)

If you’ve ever longed to live in a plant-filled cottage in Sweden, you’ll live vicariously through this account.



Nkhensani is a plant educator and Reiki practitioner who uses her online platform to help you care for your houseplants and fine-tune your self-care.



Need inspiration for styling a space full of plants? Phoebe’s account is a lush paradise of houseplant heaven.

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A post shared by Amanda Rae Wright (@amandaraewright)

Not only does this self-proclaimed “plant nerd” share a beautiful feed full of greenery, but she’s also a talented artist who makes plant-inspired goods.

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