5 Apps To Help You NOT Kill Your Houseplants

Why does my plant have crispy edges? Am I overwatering or underwatering? Is my plant getting enough light in that spot? Taking care of houseplants can feel overwhelming when you have a finicky species or maybe just a tendency for a black thumb. Some plants, like the Snake Plant or an aloe plant are super easy to take care of, but there are other varieties that need a little more TLC. Well, guess what? There’s an app for that! They’ll definitely arm you with the knowledge and tools you need to make your home a lush paradise.

apps for houseplants


Planta is a great one-stop-shop for all your plant problems.

With this app, you can log the different species of plants you have at home, manually keep track of the light intensity of the room in which they’re placed and get push notifications about when you should water them based on the weather in your area.

Additional features:

  • Detailed instructions about different watering methods — water over the soil, bottom watering or water bath — based on your plant’s needs.
  • Fertilizing, misting, repotting, and pruning instructions and reminders.
  • Overwintering instructions, care guides, and articles.


Garden Manager

The Garden Manager app allows you to set alarms so you never miss a care step when it comes to your plants. One of the main causes of plant death is down to people forgetting to feed or water them so this app is perfect for helping you keep track of your progress.

Additional features:

  • Track a plant’s measurements on a graph.
  • Set alarms for fertilizing, watering, and so on. Custom tasks are also available.
  • Create a plant photo log.


Sun Seeker

How do you determine how much sun your plants are getting? Is there a difference between getting light from a window vs. direct sun rays? Which counts as sunlight? This app will help you parse out these confusing questions and make sure your houseplants are in the best location.

Additional features:

  • Help finding optimal planting locations.
  • Identify seasonal sunlight hours as a sunrise calendar.
  • Augmented reality feature lets you put your phone right where the plant will sit and get a view of the sun’s movement throughout the day.



Struggling with plant growth? Or trying to figure out why your leaves are yellowing? PictureThis offers a feature no other app has; an AI that diagnoses your sick plants, as well as a community forum for troubleshooting and sharing tips. This comprehensive app is a must for plant parents and nature lovers.

Additional features:

  • Identify plants, flowers, and trees instantly with artificial intelligence.
  • Diagnose plant problems automatically and get treatment suggestions.
  • Get advice from professional botanists in one-on-one conversations.
  • Use plant guides to help you choose and grow beautiful, healthy plants.
  • Keep notes, get reminders and record the growth of your plants, trees, and flowers.



This app was built by Bloomscape to help you become the best plant parent you can be. If you’re looking for a plant care management app to keep you on track, this is a great choice for a one-stop-shop.

Additional features:

  • Create a schedule. Set up watering reminders and fertilizing follow-ups for every plant.
  • Track your plants. View your plant collection in one place, and create profiles for each leafy friend, with their name, adoption date, and photos you take.
  • Learn new skills with “The Library,” which has all the plant care tips and tricks you’ll ever need.


Main + featured image via our home tour with Kennesha Buycks

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Author: Samantha Welker

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