9 Chic + Cool Ways To Decorate With “Granny” Florals

Grandmillennial and Cottagecore are all the rage right now, everywhere you look. But let’s be honest, there’s a very fine line between “kitschy and trendy” and “gaudy and garish.” I, for one, am a diehard granny floral fan. If it were up to me (and not an equal decision with my husband), my entire home would look like a grandma went bananas on it with flower prints and a hodge-podge of vintage finds.

Again, it’s a very fine line. It can be done in a way that reads as curated and intentional, rather than cluttered and outdated. These spaces can serve as inspiration on how to get it right, and motivation for decorating your own precious space with so-called “granny” florals.

Start small

granny florals

via Glebe House Devon

The combination of sweet floral illustrations and a delightfully tiled sink make this small bathroom perfectly harmonized.

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Don’t be afraid of pattern play

via House & Garden UK

Matilda Goad can do no wrong in my book, and her bedroom proves it. The cow-print rug paired with the granny floral curtains shouldn’t work, but because of the dynamic layering and color story here, they absolutely do.


Wallpaper away!

via Louise Roe

Wallpaper is the most traditional route for introducing granny florals into your décor. If you want to keep it simple and modern, try opting for neutral textiles like these white bedding layers and lamp shades. Paired with the dark cane headboard, it’s simply charming.

Focus on one area

via Pinterest

If you want a floral bed, go for it! We’re all for having a floral upholstered bed and mismatched flowery bedding — it’s a vibe. But it’s best to keep the florals limited to that space. Decorate the rest of the room with contrasting textures and layers for a modern, yet still grandma-approved style.

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Pick a color palette you love

via House & Garden UK

Keeping your patterns and textiles in the same color family helps create a monochromatic look, which is very modern and stylish.


Counteract Bright Colors

via Domino

Dark woods can help neutralize brighter floral patterns, which helps the space feel more tied together and less overwhelmed by grandma’s pattern.


Tell a story

via Pinterest

Create little vintage still life corners throughout your space.


Keep it soft

via Nirav Patel

If you’re worried about granny florals feeling overwhelming, stick with soft, neutral palettes.


Infuse metallics

via Matilda Goad

Metallic accents offer a fun, modern way to mix up your space when decorating with florals.



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Author: Samantha Welker

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